Pilates Mat Training

Discover the building blocks of movement

Polestar Pilates Mat Training Series

Discover the building blocks of movement throughout the full repertoire of Pilates exercises as executed in their pure form on the mat. Develop techniques that focus on group dynamics for mat exercises while evaluating and applying Polestar principles.

The Pilates Mat course consists of two, two-day modules with labs for performing and teaching.


Aside from course hours, there are additional hours required for graduation. Observation, apprentice teaching, and self-mastery hours are the responsibility of the student to complete outside of the Pilates Mat Training course. A percentage of these hours can be completed using online support materials.

Mat Pilates
Pre-Course 25
Online Lectures 10
Lectures 32
Observation 25
Self-Mastery (Practice) 50
Apprentice Teaching 50
Assigned Homework 10
Exercise Check-Offs --
  • Completion of Polestar Principles Online

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What is Pilates Mat?

Pilates Mat is a variation of the well-known Pilates method, which is characterized by combining elongation exercises with those of strength, through muscle contraction.

Mat Pilates movements are performed lying on a mat and starting from the abdominal area, involving raising the rest of the trunk and legs.

This technique is based on six basic principles: concentration, control, centralization, fluidity of movement, precision and breathing.

Pilates Mat exercises do not require a high number of repetitions. Its goal is to increase abdominal strength and improve flexibility and body control.


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