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Below you will find some important information on remaining current through re-qualification, becoming a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA®) Certified Pilates Teacher, continuing your education with specialty courses, and much more.



Polestar Pilates® Education continues to improve and develop its curriculum and examination process. Re-qualification is an essential part of maintaining skills and quality of care. 


For Mat and Reformer Graduates:

In order to qualify for re-qualification, Reformer and Mat practitioners must:

  1. Practice Pilates at least 2 hours per week.
  2. Teach 5 hours per week.
  3. Complete 16 hours of continuing education from Polestar Pilates over a 2-year period.
  4. Apply for Re-qualification every two years (click here for the form)


All Polestar courses, workshops and Polestar International Conferences count toward re-qualification. Courses/workshops conducted by Polestar Pilates will be awarded 100% of the contact hour, e.g. a 16-hour course earns 16 hours. Polestar Students who repeat a course will receive 50% of the course contact hours that they can use towards re-qualification.


  • Graduates of the Reformer and Mat Programs must complete 16 hours of Polestar Pilates courses every 2 years to be re-qualified.
  • The re-qualification application form must be filled out with copies submitted of the courses taken to be considered.
  • A processing fee payment of $75 USD must be included with the application. If you submit your form after November 1st of the year it is due for renewal (example: you are valid until December 31, 2019 and apply for renewal on November 3, 2019), it is considered late and the processing fee is $150.


For Comprehensive Graduates:

In order to remain at the highest quality of teaching, Rehabilitation and Studio practitioners should:

  1. Maintain their PMA®-CPT Credential.*
    1. Note: Australia graduates must comply with the PAA (Pilates Australasia Alliance)
  2. Practice Pilates in his or her own body at least 2 hours per week.
  3. Teach Pilates at least 10-15 hours per week.
  4. Complete 16 hours of continuing education from Polestar over a 2-year period.

As of 2012, Polestar Pilates Education requires that all Comprehensive graduates become Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher(PMA®-CPT). We now include the completed Form A Verification of Teacher Training with the Comprehensive PMA certification diploma after graduation. If you graduated after 2008, you may also request Polestar to mail the Form A Verification of Teacher Training  so that you may sit for the PMA certification examEarlier graduates or graduates who have not re-qualified in over 5 years may contact Polestar for re-qualification eligibility.


The Pilates Method Alliance is the professional association and only certifying agency for Pilates teachers.

The PMA Certification Program has created the only psychometrically validated, third party certification exam in the Pilates field. The PMA aims to create a critical mass of professionally certified Pilates teachers in order to establish the teaching of Pilates as a profession. 

To achieve certification in the field of Pilates instruction, candidates must meet eligibility requirements, and pass a 150 question multiple-choice examination. The Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) examination has been designed to measure skill and knowledge level based on 450 hours or more of lecture self-study, and assisted teaching hours.

For more information regarding the PMA and its certification process, please visit their website.


After becoming PMA Certified, please send us your PMA Teacher Certification ID for confirmation.

After qualifying as a PMA Certified Teacher, PMA re-qualification guidelines will apply to remain in good standing with Polestar. PMA certifications are valid for 2 years. The PMA requires all PMA Certified Pilates Teachers to earn 16 PMA approved CECs (1 hour = 1 CEC) in order to renew certification at the end of your two-year term.


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Frequently Asked Questions



Q1: I have been working on my re-qualification for 4-5 years. Do I still need to apply to be PMA® Certified?

A1: We no longer accept the old re-qualification requirements as of 2016. You must become a PMA Certified Teacher to remain current.

Q2: We don't have PMA in my country. Do I still need to follow the Comprehensive requirement?

A2: If the PMA certification exam is not in your language, and there is no certifying body in your country, you may follow the re-qualification requirements for Mat/Reformer. The exam is currently in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Q3: I graduated prior to 2008 and have never re-qualified. Can I still apply?

A3: You may not be eligible to receive the Form A Verification of Teacher Training paper so that you may sit for the PMA certification exam. However, we encourage you to contact us for further review.

Q4: I graduated prior to 2008, but have been keeping up with my qualification. What do I do?

A4: We encourage you to contact us to determine eligibility to receive the Form A Verification of Teacher Training paper so that you may sit for the PMA certification exam.


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