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Mr Bob Schroedter PT, DPT, OCS Polestar

Bob Schroedter
Instructor Level:

Polestar Educator:
Comprehensive Pilates
Reformer Qualification

Polestar Examiner:
Reformer Qualification

Polestar Specialty Course Educator:
Polestar Principles Online

Pilates Method Alliance ID/ Expiration:
Pilates Method Alliance
12350 / May 30, 2014

Polestar Current Through:
May 30, 2014

Graduate of:
Rehabilitation on June 14, 2003


Bob Schroedter, PT, DPT, OCS is a licensed, board-certified Doctor of Physical Therapy and Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. He is also a Fellow-in-training with Regis University's Post-professional Manual Therapy Fellowship. Bob owns a private practice in Miami Beach, FL called Movement Thru Rehab Physical Therapy & Performance ( His practice incorporates an eclectic mix of training systems, including Pilates, GYROTONIC®, Functional Movement Systems, and Kettlebells to name a few. His rehab approach emphasizes Manual Therapy with Movement Retraining, and he sees both patients (rehab) and clients (fitness/wellness). Bob serves as a part-time faculty member of the University of Miami’s Physical Therapy Department. He travels nationally and internationally as a bilingual Educator (ENG/SP) in the Pilates Comprehensive and Advanced Teacher Training Curricula. He holds certifications/distinctions as a PMA-certified Pilates instructor, GYROTONIC® Level I instructor, ChiRunning/ChiWalking Instructor, and is a former Level I USAT Triathlon coach. As an avid proponent of learning to run efficiently, mindfully and with an eye towards preventing injuries, he enjoys giving local and international lectures/presentations to running communities. For Bob, movement isn't just something you do, it reflects who you are.

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