Claiming your Profile/Studio

Welcome to the new Polestar Pilates!

Our new site is intended to give you greater visibility into your credentials as a Pilates professional.  It is our desire that this will increasingly allow you to differentiate yourself in the profession.

We are in the process of upgrading our information systems and database maintaining the credentials of our students.  We would like you to verify your information and keep that current.  


Finding Yourself

First, you want to locate yourself in the system.  This is done by going to and searching for yourself.   You can search by your name or location.  

When you find yourself, click on your name to view the details.

You will then see your detailed information on this page.  You may want to update much of this, and will likely prefer that others aren’t updating your information.  For this reason, we are using Google+ to validate your identity.

If you see a Login button, it is because the browser doesn’t know who you are.  If you see a Change User button, it knows who you are logged in to Google+, but doesn’t recognize you as the owner of the information.  You are allowed to change the user to the Google+ user that is the individual to be changed.

Once you successfully log in to Google+, you will get a success page that prompts you to hit the back button to return to your profile page.

Why Google+?

Much of our education has been recorded and is now stored on YouTube as private videos.  We use Google+ in order to give you access to those materials. This allows us to easily control access to our education content with a platform (Google) that is widely used.

How do I get started using Google+?

I already have Google+, but am not recognized as the owner of my information:

Once you have logged into your google+ account, you may still see the Change User button.  This is because we don’t know that the Google+ email account is associated with you…yet.

Click on the link that says, “Is this you?”

 Once you have done so, you will be asked to fill in a form providing information about yourself that will help us validate your account.


I don't have a Google+ account.:

If you don’t have a Google+ account yet, click here to create one.  Fill out the information and follow the instructions on the next pages.

Once you have created your account, you can return to your profile page and log in to continue the steps above.

What Happens Next?

Once we have updated your account information, we will send you an email indicating that you have access to your profile.  This usually will occur during business hours and is not automated to insure that access to your information is truly confined to you.

Once you have Access

Now is when the fun begins.  When searching for Pilates Practitioners in a location, individuals are sorted according to their Pilates, Polestar and Community credentials.  Keeping your information updated helps people find you.

Updating your personal information

When you visit your detail page and are logged into Google+, it will recognize you as ‘you’.  You should now see the  Update Info  button where the login was before as well as your Google+ e-mail address.  If you do not see these on your page, you may to log in again.

You will also see a button that gives you the opportunity to update your professional certification credentials.  We’ll do that first.

Update Credentials

Click the Submit Certification Update button and fill in the details of your certification.  We will validate that with the corresponding Certification Authority and update it on the website.  Since the Certification bodies don’t allow us to do this automatically, it will be performed manually.  


Update Personal Information

When your certification information is complete, return to your individual details page and select Update Info.

Please note the information privacy statement.  We recognize that some people may wish to publish their email and phone numbers and others not.  Note the checkboxes that hide that information from others.

You have the opportunity to post your bio, provide a picture of yourself as well as post a resume of your credentials.  Address information is important so that the search finds you.  We don’t publish individual address information, but it is necessary in order that you can be found when people are searching for practitioners by location. 


Identify the studios where you currently practice

We are often requested to indicate studios where our students teach.  In the past, we had no way to keep track of all the locations.  Now we do.  Being registered in our system as being a Pilates Practitioner increases your internal credentials comparative to those unregistered.

This process is easy.  We ask that you don’t abuse the easiness.  Studio owners have the ability to remove individuals from their studio that have incorrectly indicated that they practice in that location.  Abuse of the system will suspend an individual’s privileges.

To start, search for a studio on our website.  When you find the studio that you work at, click to view it in detail.  You will see a button in the upper left (if you are still logged in) labeled I currently work at this studio.  Click the link, and you will see yourself added to the list of practitioners at the studio.

If you leave the studio, you are also given the opportunity to remove yourself.


Add Studios that don’t currently exist in our system

It is likely that your studio currently doesn’t exist in the system.  Please add it!

Click to add the studio that you work at.  Please be sure that your studio doesn’t already exist in the system (check spelling variations.)

Fill out the form to add the studio. Once this is completed, you will the be able to add yourself to the studio as an employee.  

The owner information is necessary to help us provide access to them to manage their studio in the future.

All Done!

When you have completed updating your information, feel free to share your details! Your personal profile has a special link so that you may let others know you are a Polestar Practitioner.


Polestar pilates is active in over 24 countries around the world:

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